Pre-order easy, fast and safe

What you do
You tell us where to deliver
You make your refundable pre-order payment
You make your first non-refundable payment
You make your final payment
What we do
We let you know when this is possible
We reserve a Klein A45 for you
We start production
We deliver your Klein A45 tiny house kit

Klein A45 payment schedule

Pre-order payment:
Your pre-order payment is fully refundable until the completion of your first installment
• Pre-order request
• Klein pre-approval of delivery month
Day 7
• €1,000 refundable Pre-order Payment
Day 14
Installment 1:
The first installment including your pre-order payment is non-refundable at this point. Production slot is reserved and time of delivery is provided. Contract including all amendments are provided at this point. 
• €39,000
Day 60
Installment 2:
Your second and final installment  is due 50 days before the agreed delivery date.
• €55,600 Final Payment
Total cost Klein A45:
• €95,600.- excl. VAT, shipping and assembly*

*Important notes

When purchasing a Klein A45 kit you are responsible for the following before and upon delivery:
  • All necessary permits
  • Foundation according to our instructions
  • Assembly of Klein A45 according to our instructions
  • Plumbing and electricity connections according to our instructions
For business's installing 5 or more units in the same area, we are more than happy to offer a price including assembly and shipping.
All pricing excludes local taxes, fees and any import duties.
If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
Pre-order your Klein A45 kit here

No payment needed until we have agreed on a month of delivery.

    Total kit price
    excl. VAT, shipping and assembly*

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