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Pre-order easy, fast and safe

What you do
You make your pre-order
You make your refundable pre-order payment
You make your Installment 1
You make your final payment
What we do
We provide you with payment details
We deliver technical details for permitting
We book production and delivery time
We deliver your Klein A45 tiny house kit

Klein A45 purchase process

Pre-order payment:
Your pre-order payment is fully refundable until the completion of your Installment 1
• Pre-order request
• Klein pre-approval of delivery month
Day 7
• €1,000 refundable Pre-order Payment
Day 14
Installment 1:
The Installment 1 including your pre-order payment is non-refundable at this point. Production slot is reserved and time of delivery is provided. Contract including all amendments are provided at this point.
• €39,000
Day 60
Installment 2:
Your second and final installment  is due 50 days before the agreed delivery date.
• €85,000 Final Payment
Total cost Klein A45:
• €125,000.- excl. VAT, shipping and assembly*

*Important notes

When purchasing a Klein A45 kit you are responsible for the following before and upon delivery:
  • All necessary permits
  • Foundation according to our instructions
  • Assembly of Klein A45 according to our instructions
  • Plumbing and electricity connections according to our instructions
For business's installing 5 or more units in the same area, we are more than happy to offer a price including assembly and shipping.
All pricing excludes local taxes, fees and any import duties.
If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
Pre-order your Klein A45 kit here

    Total kit price
    excl. VAT, shipping and assembly*

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