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Zelt Cabin
designed by Bjarke Ingels

The tent version of the Klein A45 tiny house - designed by world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels. The Zelt Cabin gives you all the space you need to enjoy an infinity of possibilities.
Take a look at the Zelt Cabin prototype

What makes
the Zelt Cabin special?

The Zelt Cabin pushes the boundaries for what a summerhouse can be, and how to incorporate nature architecturally without compromising the comfort and aesthetic expression. LiveKlein believes that nature is the best architect, and the tent is a manifestation of this belief. At the same time, the Zelt Cabin is an attempt to tackle one of our most present issues, climate change. The Zelt Cabin is our contribution to a sustainable transition to both our vacation habits and the industries that offer vacation opportunities. In other words, LiveKlein believes the future summerhouses are greener, simpler and closer in touch with nature.


Kleins Zelt Cabin are, as the A45, infused with the sustainable values that the company is driven by. With the Zelt Cabin, we also strive to have construction processes with as little waste and CO2 emissions as possible. We intend to have a minimal physical impact with the use of a platform carried by screw foundation. But the real impact regarding sustainability offered by the construction, exists in the transition the Zelt Cabin provides in relation to our habits when we are taking time off. By combining a tent with a cabin, the Zelt Cabin makes it possible to bring us closer to nature, while at the same time making it comfortable. We make this possible without the same energy consumption that usually goes along with the normal cabin, the hotel room and other accommodations.


Production country
Timber frame
Gluelam Fir
Mosquito Mesh
Cargo Net
30-mm black braided netting


Including danish VAT (25%)
Delivery to bridged islands in Denmark and Malmö is included.
Price does not include screw foundations, exterior terraces, furnitures and wood stove.
Price might be subject to changes. The price should be seen as indicative, will be confirmed on ordering.
Sales requests
For sales request please contact [email protected]

Zelt Cabin drawings

Click image to view larger version

Zelt Cabin dimensions

4200 mm
4200 mm
4610 mm
Livable area
Indoor area
15.4 m2
Loft net
5.2 m2
Other specifications
2-4 people
Total weight
1050 kg
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