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Klein A45 tiny house
designed by Bjarke Ingels

Designed by world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels and winner of the American Institute of Architecture Small Space Projects 2019 the free form shape and expansive windows of the Klein A45 gives you all the space you need to enjoy an infinity of possibilities.
With the Klein A45 Bjarke Ingels and I decided to take everything we learnt from high-end residential and boil it down to the essentials.
Soren Rose, co-founder
Take a look at the Klein A45 prototype

Meet the architect
behind the Klein A45

Ever since he founded BIG in 2005 Bjarke Ingels has designed and completed award-winning buildings worldwide. He defines architecture as the art and science of making sure our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives, a core belief that has clearly come to life with the Klein A45.

Built for fun,
for work, for life

The Klein A45 easily accommodates a small family on holiday or guests visiting, it’s a flexible office space for writing and singing or simply the perfect hideaway for a natural break from everyday life. And no matter if you're located in the woods, the mountains, along the shore or in an urban setting you can enjoy your Klein A45 tiny house all year long.

What makes
the Klein A45 special?

Built on a fundamental belief in sustainable, small space living the commercially available Klein A45 is constructed primarily using certified materials and zero-waste production wherever and whenever possible and in individual sections to fit as little as possible when shipping. The Klein A45 is designed to connect to your local utility grid, however it is fully functional with any off-grid installations if you desire to do so.


Wood: 3 and 5 layered CLT elements 

  • Low energy consumption upon production
  • CE- and FSC certified

Insulation: Pir panels

  • Up to 90% better insulation compared to traditional insulation
  • Low energy consumption upon production
  • Low weight enables CO2 friendly transportation
  • CE- og Keymark certified


Production country
Walls outdoor
Black asphalt roofing
Walls indoor
CLT elements as the finished surface.
Black asphalt roofing
CLT elements as the finished surface.
CLT elements as the finished surface.
Oak windows and doors.
Built-in kitchen with sink and tap.
Built-in bathroom complete with sink, tap, toilet and shower.

Klein 45 drawings

Click image to view larger version

Klein A45 dimensions

4740 mm
4740 mm
5875 mm
Livable area
Living room
12.6 m2
2.2 m2
6.4 m2
Other specifications
2-4 people
Total weight
8250 kg

Move in to your
tiny house

Change the way you live your life by surrounding yourself with an award-winning architectural design. Pre-order your Klein A45 today and we can deliver within 6 months.
excl. VAT, shipping and assembly
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