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Delivery location

The Klein A45 is delivered to almost everywhere in the world. You need to be able to drive a small lorry with a small crane into the place. You can leave the container close by and bring the kit in piece by piece.

Delivery costs

Shipping cost depends totally of time of year you want it delivered. The rate fluctuate quit a bit. It is possible to get a specific offer for shipping approximately 2-3 month before delivery since it is dependent on the situation in the world.

What type of foundation is needed for the Klein A45

The Klein A45 needs point foundation and we recommend ground screws if the soil allows it. The Klein A45 is build on a CLT base which is normally placed on 14 point foundations (ground screws).

How long does it take to assembly the Klein A45

Assembly will not be handled by us, but a local team of your choice. It is an assignment for 2-3 people for 2-3 days.

Off grid

We are currently working on an off grid kit for the The Klein A45. The solution is specific in almost every usercase since it is dependent on several factors. The solutions vary from completely off grid to solutions which is setup with f.x. only electricity. All off grid solutions are developed based on location and specific use of the Klein A45. If you are interested in the off grid solution feel free to contact our Head of Off Grid Technology, Michael Holm Møller with your specific needs and location.

Can I choose a different color for my Klein A45?

No - it is not possible to choose a different color for my Klein A45 tiny house.

Is the furniture included?

No furnitures included.

What is included in the kit?

The kit comes with a full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower) and a small kitchen without appliances, but including sink and fosset. The light in the bathroom, in the kitchen and the lamp outside the main door is included. Also, the wood burning oven is included.

Where do I find the furnitures shown in the images?

Below you can see a list of the furnitures used on the images:

  • Chairs: Tool Chairs - TAKT - Rasmus Palmgren
  • Daybed: Reykjavik Daybed -  Skagerak
  • Small round table: Taro - Model 6119 -  By Jasper Morrison -  Frederecia Furniture
  • Lamp:  Limestone Pendant -  Stilleben
  • Stool:  Triangle Stool -  Karakter
  • Art pieces:  by Leise Dich Abrahamsen
  • Pillows: Bed linen & bed sheet - Aiayu

What warrenty is there on the Klein A45?

In the final contact, which you receive before the first installment all warrenties are specified in detail.

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