Peter Mayntzhusen joins Klein as COO.
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May 24

Michael Holm Møller joins Klein as Head of Off Grid Technology.

Michael is a bright mind and a quick learner. He is positive and dedicated to solve complex problems wherever they may appear. He has worked in the cross section of innovation, project management and technical business development the past 10 years and we are super proud to see Michael join our team to take lead on our off grid technology offerings to our customers. 

At Klein we have a strong vision for off grid technology and believe that over the next years we will be able to present a complete off grid house where every piece of technology has been integrated into the building rather than what we see today, where off grid technology primarily is something that is seen as an add on to the house. 

Off Grid technology gives our customers the freedom to place a tiny house basically anywhere in the world; no need to worry about getting electricity, water and disposal of grey and black water. 

The first off grid projects are already under development, but if you have a project where you consider going off grid, please let us know already and we will have Michael look at it. 

Michael will join the team, working from Copenhagen Denmark from August 2021.  

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