Peter Mayntzhusen joins Klein as COO.
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About Klein

Who we are

Klein is founded by designer and interior architect Søren Rose and startup entrepreneur Jacob Hagemann. At the heart of Klein lies a spirit and vision to push the boundaries of how and where we live our lives.
We base these ideas on the thinking of the tiny house community of the past 30 years and the philosophy behind a more sustainable and circular economy. Join us on our journey as we unfold the vision of Klein.
The tiny house concept makes us go further in our thinking around how life will be in the future
Jacob Hagemann, co-founder of Klein
Jacob Hagemann, co-founder

What we do

At Klein, we want to give you the opportunity to own a beautiful tiny house designed by the world’s leading architects and rooted in sustainable living and craftsmanship. Combining Danish know-how and an experienced team, Klein offers you beautiful spaces a little out of the ordinary for you to create your own place for play, for work, for life. 
Discover the Klein A45
The main reason I am so passionate about craftsmanship and quality is that you can create something that will outlive you and that you can pass onto the next generation
Søren Rose, co-founder

What the press is saying

'Danish architect Bjarke Ingels collaborated with Klein to bring luxury to the tiny house movement'
'BIG has developed the qualities of this classic structure with a design that maximizes usable floor area'
'Upon entering is a single space with ample glazing'
'Upon entering, the 180sqft interior space reflects a minimal Nordic abode'
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